About branding and collaborations

About branding and collaborations

When you reinvent your life and yourself at a certain age and life’s paths lead you to magical places where you are bound to meet the most incredible people, all of a sudden these different ingredients effortlessly start coming together and result in something incredibly pleasing. So here I am, on the eve of launching my own website – my own branding page.

Having focussed most of my life on connecting people – with some rather extraordinary outcomes along the way – I tend to shy away from talking about myself. I certainly had no intention of “branding” myself! But then, through mutual friends, I met an amazing woman who inspired me to do just that. I could never have imagined how effortlessly it would all come together - and what a journey it has been. Karien from Brandshifts managed to use the right words to reflect all my endeavours and successfully encapsulated who I am..What started as a casual “putting heads together” has now blossomed into a lovingly designed space! You are incredible – thank you, Karien.

A website is not only about words, so I must make special mention of the photographer behind the photos. Many moons ago I was fortunate to meet the amazingly talented photographer, Gerda Genis. Over the years, and often over a few glasses of wine, we became friends since we shared the same star sign and had walked difficult roads together – even across the breadths of continents. Posing for her was immense fun. (Did I mention she usually shoots catwalk and cinema stars?) She even opened her delightful dressing room for me, which made me want to play dress-up!

The result is rather dazzling – if I may say so myself. Without Gerda’s sense of style and her kindness, this would not have been possible. Thank you, Gerda, for making me laugh...love you, my fish friend! gerdagenis.com

And then there are my lovelies, Sarah and Suzy, whose opinion and input I have always cherished and appreciated!

Not to mention their incredible friendship. When they first knocked on the door of my previous guesthouse, one cold night in January 2012, little did I know that this would be the start of a long friendship, a journey through thick and thin.

From the French countryside to sassy London – not to mention the most incredible road trip in my country of birth, South Africa.

The very talented designer, Sarah, found the right images to transcribe the intrinsic Lynn. Thank you.

Thank you both for your love and support, without which the last few years would have been far more difficult.

Here’s to many more journeys together.