Vichy and Paris – the hidden gems explored

Vichy and Paris - the hidden gems explored

Having run my guesthouse in the beautiful Bourbonnais region of France for over 16 years, I have met loads of wonderful people from all over the world. Some came and went without really leaving a lasting memory and then some, like my 4 compatriots that I received in 2015, not only impress you with their sense of humour and stamina for shopping, but also by their kindness and vivacity. It was constant laughter and, boy, did I have to find them enough places to visit around the region - especially 'brocantes' (markets) where they filled up more than one suitcase each!

When they consulted me about accompanying them in Paris in 2017, I said YES without a moment’s hesitation. I wanted to show them MY Paris - up and down the stairs of Montmartre, through the covered passages with the quintessential boutiques, and night-time cafés. We wandered around the food markets in the Montorgueil area and I walked them through all the ‘must-see’ monuments – Louvre, Palais Royale, Tuileries gardens, Luxembourg gardens, Eiffel tower and Trocadero. Not to mention a private tour of the Senate in English! And MY Paris!

To me it is always a pleasure to show MY Paris to people I love. Not just the tourists’ Paris, but the off-the-beaten-track Paris! The hidden heart where you might not come across another tourist.

  • Michéle, Tersia, Riani and Eunanda
    We met Lynn Chaulieu Kolver in May 2015 at her beautiful guesthouse in the countryside, Aux Jardins des Thevenets, on the outskirts of Vichy. What an amazing experience it has been! Lynn is not just an interesting lady that can entertain her guests with the most amazing food that she cooks herself, but she knows how to make her guests feel at home. She has an eye for creating the most beautiful decor by putting beautiful colours and textiles together. We had such an awesome time with Lynn and, as we made a new friend, we returned to France in 2017, asking Lynn to accompany us in Paris, as she knows the city of love and lights inside out. Walking the streets of Paris with Lynn was yet again an awesome experience. Visiting local restaurants, shops and sharing a beautiful apartment with Lynn was such a fun-filled time. We can recommend the talented Lynn to anyone who needs a tour guide, chef, interior decorator, shopping partner or just a friend. We wish her all the best in all her various endeavours!
    Michéle, Tersia, Riani and Eunanda